Life Changing Seminars

Through the years, MsMonaSpeaks! has done work with many individuals, companies, small businesses, high schools, universities, colleges, and nonprofit organizations. Some of our clients include, but are not limited to,  St. John's University, Galas Inc, Benjamin Cardozo High School, Freeport High School, Queens High School of Teaching, Baldwin High School, the Hofstra University Step Program, Orange Public Schools, and Valley Stream Baptist Church.

MsMonaSpeaks! looks forward to bringing concrete, informative and thought provoking seminars  to you, your staff, your students and your clients!

Ms. Mona has a natural and innate ability to connect with people in ways that are highly engaging, motivational and uplifting. She is deeply passionate about enhancing the quality of life of others through her work, and is a real, true asset to humanity.

James Bethea, PhD, CRC, LMHC

Associate Professor, St. John's University

Ms. Mona is an educator, motivator and ambassador of common sense and decency. She is a creator, survivor and activist for social and moral justice. One moment with MsMonaSpeaks! will undoubtedly engage you for a lifetime.

Clyde Doughty Jr.

Athletic Director, Bowie State University

MsMonaSpeaks! visited our school 4 to 6 times during the academic year. Their lectures and small group workshops inspired not only our students but our staff to make positive choices and decisions concerning the future. This included short term as well as long term goals. Ms. Mona Prophete is truly a gifted motivational speaker.

Sharon Owens

Former Assistant Principal, Jamaica High School

From her opening statement Ms. Prophete captivates her audience! Her knowledge and effervescence compliment her audience, while compelling them to think way beyond their present state. Her presentations always culminate in a crescendo of enthusiasm, leaving little to no doubt that whatever goal one sets for oneself is achievable.

Sandra Morales

Retired Senior Advisor, Mathematics, Science Research and Technology HS

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