Restorative Practice With Youth

TRAINER: Ms. Mona Prophete, MSW

What if you could take some the best tenets of sociology, psychology, education, criminology, organizational development and leadership and put them all in one life changing workshop?  Your result would undoubtedly be a Restorative Practice workshop! So What is Restorative Practice?  Restorative Practice is a social science that integrates all the above mentioned disciplines into an essential concrete ideology. Essentially it is based on the premise that people are happier, more cooperative, productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.  

Restorative practice is meant to enhance, add and present an alternative way to build relationships, create ease in our daily interactions with others (especially youth) and give us the methods to help prevent and minimize deviant behavior.  With principles based on restoring, nurturing and building social capital which ideally allow for a more effective workplace, classroom, institution, program or community, this is a training you and or your staff won’t want to miss!  

Restorative Practice understands that in our everyday lives, especially for teachers, counselors, program staff and parents, talking about challenges, problems and or repairing harm, can be overtly difficult.  This workshop can easily assist you in reducing deviant behavior, repairing harm, engaging your youngster(s) more readily and finding effective alternatives or accompaniments to punitive discipline.  In addition to this and perhaps even more importantly, when utilized correctly, it will create better overall relationships amongst staff and students, parents and children, program and clients, as well as with school and community!  

Let restorative practice help you to do these things and more.  From examining the choice of words that we use to communicate with the adolescents and young adults in our lives, our interactions, thought patterns, methods and practices that we so readily implement, this course will undoubtedly help you as an individual, and or your staff to become refocused and be re-energized!  

Why not learn how to foster social capital improve youth-adult interaction, while providing effective leadership that will help to improve overall scores, morale and outcomes?  

This Restorative Practice class encompasses two full days of training!  Part one is focused on premise, philosophy, and ideology, while part two is centered on how it can used effectively, where and how its applicable and the benefits of implementation.


REQUIREMENTS: All participants are required to attend BOTH DAYS of this workshop in order to receive a certificate of completion for this training.


  • All Training Materials

  • Breakfast, Snacks & Full Lunch Daily