Mona Prophete, MSW

Mona Prophete is the CEO and founder of MsMonaSpeaks!  Ms. Mona received her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from the College of New Rochelle and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University.  In addition to this, she is also licensed in Restorative Practice Training and is mentor certified through Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Fordham University. A natural orator equipped with over a decade of experience in public speaking, counseling and coaching, this altruistic, dynamic speaker is poised and ready to share the knowledge she has acquired with others. Throughout the years, her experience which is both vast and diverse, has encompassed corporate America, the nonprofit sector, as well as forays in education and consulting. While spending nearly a decade as an effective and unparalleled motivational speaker in high schools is perhaps what she is most known for, Ms. Mona also recently served as the Associate Director for a nonprofit organization dealing exclusively with adjudicated youth. Despite the fact that gratification has been no stranger to her over the years, her desire to evolve coupled with her gift for motivating and teaching others, has pushed her to pursue this current endeavor. Ms Mona believes that both personal and professional development can be exciting, and that any topic can be made interesting with the right delivery. With this said, she looks forward to continuing her pursuit of bringing succinct, applicable and pertinent information to the masses. In addition to this, it is her hope that every workshop, speech or training offered by MsMonaSpeaks! will help in optimizing potential and be instrumental in helping individuals, as well as organizations and corporations to reach their ultimate goals.

Kirk Bramble


Kirk Bramble, CEO and founder of LKB & Associates is an investor, an entrepreneur, a mentor, and financial coach. Over the course of his career, he has developed an effective and direct approach with clients, integrating economics, personal finance, psychology, and spirituality! This methodology has proved to inspire new confidence in those with whom he works and enables them to pursue and capture their dreams. Commencing his career at Washington Mutual Bank; Kirk quickly advanced and evolved into a consummate leader.  With the encouragement of his brother, Kirk went on to secure several investment securities licenses which served to pique his interest in investing. This led to a position with AXA Equitable. As time passed, Kirk decided to establish his own firm, LKB & Associates. Through LKB & Associates, Kirk works with individuals and families in the areas of investment management, cash flow organization, and retirement planning. MsMonaSpeaks! is honored and pleased to have a talent such as Kirk Bramble on board!

Albaliz Tello, LCSW


Albaliz Tello (Alby) is a Cuban American from New Jersey. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and American Sign Language. Alby is a first generation college graduate and obtained her Bachelor of Arts from New York University in 2007. She attended Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service and earned her Master of Social Work in 2010. Alby is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in New Jersey and has experience working with the developmentally disabled, children and families, and in mental health. She is the Director of Career Development at Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Service, but still loves working directly with clients. Alby utilizes CBT, behavioral modification, and solution-focused brief models as a Child/Adolescent therapist in a private practice. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy at the Fordham University Graduate School of Education. Alby also teaches courses such as “The Secrets of Mental Health Documentation” and “Namast’ay Mindful” in Fordham’s Continuing Education Department. MsMonaSpeaks! is excited to bring the energy and expertise of Ms. Tello to all of our clients.

Florence Barbour, MA, MPA, SAS


Florence Barbour currently serves as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development for a well-known child care corporation. This position, one that she readily enjoys, allows her to apply her vast knowledge and acquired skill set in an area of instruction she loves. Armed with an extensive education and 25+ years of experience, her unmatched passion for childhood services and effective, concrete daycare practices have made her a trailblazer in her field. In addition to this, Florence revels in the fact that she has held various positions on her path to success in day care, and credits this experience with her uncanny ability to relate and comprehend the necessary skill sets required to excel in all areas. An expert in administration, management, training and regulations, at present she is responsible for the implementation of the educational curriculum for 6 centers, as well as the ongoing professional development of over 250 teachers and staff members. Florence has a Master’s degree in Psychology from Adelphi University, as well as a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a School Building Leader (SBL) certification, both from Baruch College. Well versed, poised, and experienced, MsMonaSpeaks! is thrilled and delighted to present Florence Barbour to you!